4 Environmental Advantages of Going Solar

Fights Climate Change

• Solar technologies emit ZERO greenhouse gases
• Allow humans to drastically reduce their carbon footprint
• Preserve the environment for future generations


• Solar technologies produce no noise pollution
• The installation and maintenance of solar panels doesn’t interfere with urban or residential lifestyles

Sustainable Energy Source

• Solar energy is free and can be used wherever there is sunlight
• There is an abundant amount of solar potential to satisfy humankind’s energy needs—and we will never run out

Helps Drive Change

• By deciding to install your very own PV or solar thermal system, you help to drive change by creating demand in the solar energy market
• Each person who opts to go solar helps create a virtuous cycle that drives positive environmental change

5 Financial Advantages of Choosing Solar Power

Financial Benefits

• A net-metered system can drastically reduce your electricity bill, saving you hundreds of dollars a month.
• Heating up water using solar collectors can save an average household $400 per year
• Increases home value

Low Maintenance

• Solar technologies are durable and require very little maintenance because they are stationary and designed to withstand the elements
• When maintenance must be performed, the costs are very modest compared to those of other energy systems

Energy Self-Sufficiency

• Solar technologies decentralize the production of energy from large corporations to individual households
• Solar technologies allows you to live on or off the grid in isolated or rural areas (where electrical prices may be much higher)
• Solar technologies help you avoid the price volatility associated with conventional methods of electricity generation

Job Creation

• The solar industry is rapidly expanding, resulting in a myriad of new employment and investment opportunities for Canadians
• Sectors of the solar industry include: manufacturing, installation and maintenance, monitoring and tracking, consultation services, research and design, new technologies and product development, and policy creation

A Solar Future

• Unlike oil and gas, where prices are always rising, solar technology is only getting cheaper and more efficient over time. Solar modules cost 25% of what they did 10 years ago and are more efficient
• In the near future, it will likely become cheaper to install a PV system and generate your own electricity than to purchase it from the grid. With rising hydro prices, that day is just about here.

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