Lac Des Milles Lac First Nations Off Grid Community Cultural Centre

The Community Cultural Centre of the First Nations of Lac Des Milles Lac is in a remote location and has no access to conventional grid electricity. Previously, all electricity was supplied by a 78kW diesel generator which ran continuously. Quantum Renewable Energy was contracted by Jazz Solar Solutions to design and install a 93kW photovoltaic array with 300kWh of battery storage. Using this system, the Community Cultural Centre is now capable of being run almost entirely by solar energy, with a smaller diesel generator for periodic backup.

Overhead view of the photovoltaic array, taken during the second week of construction. Photo By Adam Gillis

Nine Outback Power Radian inverters provide 72kW of AC power, while 17 000Lbs of batteries store up to 300kWh of energy.

Our dedicated installation crew. Photo By Adam Gillis

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