Green Ontario Fund Announces Solar Rebates

The Green Ontario Fund has recently announced an upcoming round of rebates aimed at homeowners and businesses.

Some quick facts:
-The system must be mounted on a rooftop.
-The rebate is slated to go into action “at the end of July/beginning of August” according to GreenOn
-The rebate will only apply to NEW projects. any existing installations will not be accepted.
-The maximum AC size of the system shall not exceed 10kW for residential, and 500kW for commercial. It is unclear at this time if the DC portion can be oversized, or if a larger system could be installed with the rebate only applying to 10kW of it.
-To be eligible for the rebate, the system must be installed by a qualified contractor. The contractor qualification period is expected to begin in June. Quantum will be applying at the soonest possible date.
-For the storage rebate, it is not clear if that is usable capacity or total nameplate capacity of the batteries.
For more information, follow the link to the GreenOn website

Lac Des Milles Lac First Nations Off Grid Community Cultural Centre

The Community Cultural Centre of the First Nations of Lac Des Milles Lac is in a remote location and has no access to conventional grid electricity. Previously, all electricity was supplied by a 78kW diesel generator which ran continuously. Quantum Renewable Energy was contracted by Jazz Solar Solutions to design and install a 93kW photovoltaic array with 300kWh of battery storage. Using this system, the Community Cultural Centre is now capable of being run almost entirely by solar energy, with a smaller diesel generator for periodic backup.

Overhead view of the photovoltaic array, taken during the second week of construction. Photo By Adam Gillis

Nine Outback Power Radian inverters provide 72kW of AC power, while 17 000Lbs of batteries store up to 300kWh of energy.

Our dedicated installation crew. Photo By Adam Gillis

To the Ends of the Earth

Join SolarShare and Quantum Renewable Energy for a showing of “To the Ends of the Earth” at 7:00 PM on Tusday, March 7th. There will also be a presentation by Wintergreen Co-op.

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Net Metered on the Rise

With rising electricity costs becoming a larger concern, more people are looking to offset their electrical usage. Net metered systems are an economical way of reducing your bill while offsetting your carbon footprint. On sunny days, the panels on your roof will literally turn your meter backwards, saving up a credit for rainy weather, leading to some serious savings


A 7kW net metered system provides these customers with all the energy they can use, year round!

Quantum Renewable Energy Installs Over a MegaWatt of Photovoltaics in 2016

2016 was a bumper year for solar at Quantum. Over the course of eight months, more than a megawatt of photovoltaic panels were installed and connected to Ontario’s grid. The lion’s share of this power was installed in two large Feed In Tariff (FIT) projects near Ottawa. These rooftop mounted systems have the advantage of height to keep them out of the shade, and make use of existing infrastructure to minimize visual and environmental concerns.


The panels are not visible from the ground, and make use of an otherwise empty space.


Putting the finishing touches on after a long day of work.