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Solar Technology

Interested in solar technology but want to know more about how it works? Learn about photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal technologies, the two that we use there at Quantum.

FIT Program

Learn about the government program that has helped spur investment in renewable energy over the past five years.

Service Areas

Based near downtown Kingston, Frontenac County is our backyard. We work in areas from Trenton to Brockville, Smiths Falls to Wolfe Island. What to know if we work in your area?

Does your system need repairs?

We service and repair solar systems to keep them working in peak condition. Covering Smiths Falls to Wolfe Island, Trenton to Brockville.

To the Ends of the Earth

Join SolarShare and Quantum Renewable Energy for a showing of “To the Ends of the Earth” at 7:00 PM on Tusday, March 7th. There will also be a presentation by Wintergreen Co-op.

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Net Metered on the Rise

With rising electricity costs becoming a larger concern, more people are looking to offset their electrical usage. Net metered systems are an economical way of reducing your bill while offsetting your carbon footprint. On sunny days, the panels on your roof will literally turn your meter backwards, saving up a credit for rainy weather, leading to some serious savings


A 7kW net metered system provides these customers with all the energy they can use, year round!

What our clients have said

“Thanks Rick, We have been to the cabin a few times, and it has been great to have lights! Again thanks for your support and help in getting us all set up!”

“Dear Rick, I do want you to know that I am a very satisfied customer and recommend you every chance I get. Wishing you all the best for the holiday season.”


“Rick…Thanks, great job. Pool temp ranges from 82 to 90 F.”

“Thank you very much for getting our system back on track. We appreciate all your extra effort.”

Brian & Rosanna Tremblay
Brian & Rosanna Tremblay

I have just completed the first year of solar pv operation at my place.

I am very pleased to report that my ten Silfab panels (280 watts) with Enphase micro-inverters have produced 2,200 kilowatt-hours. That provided the equivalent power to fully charge my Volt about 130 times. With an average range of 60 km per charge, that equates to 7,800 km per year driving on sunshine!

On the grid-connected Solaredge system, the annual generation was 7,800 kilowatt hours and my annual gross income was $3,100.

Steve – thanks for suggesting I enlist Rick to see if my place was suitable for solar pv when I was very dubious. Combined with the Volt purchase, this has allowed me to get to almost carbon-zero (85% of my driving is on electric).

Rick- thanks to you and your crew for an excellent install and operation. Please feel free to use my systems (and data) to promote future installs, including the pv + EV option your customers may consider.

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